The secret of the Auguszt pastries hides in the excellent ingredients and the professional knowledge gained by the four generations of confectioners. When preparing our classic pastries, the artizan work, the attention paid to all the smallest details, the perfect temperature of the ingredients and many other small details play a very important role that is necessary for the quality of the end result. There are pastries we save in ourselves with wonderful memories, at our confectionary you can rediscover those flavours which we prepare in their untouched form in the highest quality using the most modern technologies and the best available ingredients. Our krémes, indiáner, képviselő fánk or the famous Rigó Jancsi all recall fine old memories but we create the new wave products with the same enthusiasm.


November 2019.

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H-1024 Budapest, Fény u. 8.
(+36 1) 316 3817
+36 30 964 4891


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H-1024 Budapest, Fény street 8.
(+36 1) 316 3817
+36 30 964 4891

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