József Auguszt

My name is József Auguszt, I’m the male descendant of the Auguszt Dynasty, the representative and heir of this name. With my wife Ibolya we continue to write the history of our 150 year and 4 generation old confectionery in Fény Street, that has been taking care of the traditions of Hungarian confectionery since 1957.

150 years are a very long time, even in history. The professional competence accumulated by my family is a heritage, and it’s our very important mission is to keep it alive and improve it constantly. We pursue to make our guests lives sweeter with magical specialities. No matter what the occasion is, the quality and the experience is forever. We also believe that with unforgettable savors and with our love we can make every day a special day for our customers.

Beyond taking care and improving traditions, our colleagues, the confectioners and people in service are very important in our everyday life. Most of the workers here have been part of this team for 20-40 years. We beleive in endurance, the longterm cooperation, and our mission is to create a spiritual place from our confectionery, and make our colleagues feel themselves at home to be able to take over the spirit represented by our dynasty.

We don’t forget our basic principal that was established by my father Elemér Auguszt, who always said: ”Every cup of coffee becomes perfect with a smile”.


H-1024 Budapest, Fény u. 8.      
(+36 1) 316 3817
+36 30 964 4891


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H-1024 Budapest, Fény street 8.      
(+36 1) 316 3817
+36 30 964 4891

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