József Auguszt and Ibolya Szőcs


József Auguszt to the joy of his parents, chose to become a confectioner following the footsteps of his father and grandfather. He took his final exam at the Szentendre Franciscan High School in 1969 and right after he started his first job at Vörösmarty Confectionary (before and after 1989 called Gerbeaud). During the years of communism, he did not have a chance, as his father and grandfather did, to obtain professional experience abroad, but Vörösmarty Confectionary worked with exceptional professionals so he could learn a lot from them. In 1971 he already worked at the family shop in Fény Street where he still works day after day ever since. When the neighbour shoemaker retired in 1970, the family had a chance to enlarge the shop: the 30 square meter guest area after that was served by a 40 square meter workshop and a little separate space for ice cream making – people always qued in line for as long as necessary for the excellent ice cream. Ice cream making was always very close to József Auguszt’s heart, he tested many variations to further perfect his father’s recipes. To complement Elemér Auguszt’s special flavours poppyseed and ricepuding ice cream, in the eighties he created many new favourites: straciatella, pistachio, chestnut and later his aranygaluska and raisin cottage cheese icecreams also became very popular. He gained his master degree in 1976 and two years later in 1978, he got married to his first wife and in 1982, the youngest Auguszt boy, Oliver was born.

In 1989 the family managed to buy the next door shop, an upholsterer manufactory, so by the time the communist era was over, the family had the whole ground floor of 8 Fény Street.

As the borders opened, new professional challenges appeared, the customers started travelling the world and on their return they started to look for pastries they liked abroad. At the same time the visiting foreigners were curious about the Hungarian traditional pastries so the cakes and pastries which become famous in the thirties, in the golden years of Auguszt got back to the sortiment.

In the meantime the first marriage of József Auguszt ended, and in 1997 he found his real other half, Ibolya Szőcs in St John Hospital where he went because of a hand injury he suffered at work. It took a few years to convince Ibolya to change careers, and leave the hospital and join the family business, but finally love conquered. Ibolya with the help and support of his father-in-law, Elemér Auguszt obtained a confectioner degree what she gave as a surprise gift for his husband’s birthday.

Their first daughter Apollónia Anna was born in 2001 and two years later in 2003 their second daughter Antónia Abigél arrived. In 1997 they bought the apartment on the first floor above the confectionary and they started to work on an exclusive coffee salon there, to recall the most beautiful years of Auguszt. Their vision became reality in 2003, and nowadays on the walls we can find for example mirrors and paintings from the Abbazia Hotel. Ibolya’s creativity and wonderful hospitality attracted many new customers to the café, where they introduced breakfast service, and next to the rich pastry range they extended the quality coffee and tea offers. The next move was the rehabilitation of the garden next to the house in 2009, where they opened the most beautiful shadowy garden of Buda. Ibolya is not only an active and loving wife on her husband’s side in management duties, she is also also following Vilma Helvey’s footsteps and she travels a lot to attend courses and workshops abroad, developing her knowledge, and she keeps modernizing the operation of their business. At the same time she is responsible for the availability of all the actual success products next to the traditional pastries in the confectionary’s sortiment. She is the first Auguszt wife who has a master confectioner degree and does a full time job also in production. This story is not over yet, it changes and develops day by day and all our dear customers who are reading these lines are taking an active role in it.

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H-1024 Budapest, Fény street 8.      
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+36 30 964 4891

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