Elemér Auguszt and Olga Resetka


After finishing university of commercial studies Elemér Auguszt was a helper in Rezső Hauer’s confectionery, and then took his father’s place in the family business. Summertime he worked in Abbazia, in the hotel, that he really enjoyed as a young man. In 1934 he was invited to Lisbon, to Garrett Restaurant and Confectionery to acclimatize the Hungarian pastry specialities that were very popular in Europe at that time. His creatures were served with a national color ribbon for the Portuguese customers. From here he went to London, and trained himself in Dorchester Hotel.

After he came back he acclimatized some English products, and he made changes in decorating the cakes, installing the shop window and advertising of the shop. He passed his master confectioner exam in 1942.

She met the beautiful and bohemian Olga Resetka in 1936, who used to work as a “Miss Auguszt” in the shop. They tried to keep their love in secret, but during the war the shop got a lot of letters and packs addressed to her. While Elemér was on the front, and the Krisztina Boulevard shop was closed, Olga started to work in a café in Ferenciek Square and waited for his love in capture to return. After a lot of difficulties they married on September 6th, 1947, and welcomed three children very soon: Annamária was born in 1948, Olga in 1949, and the awaited József in 1951.

They opened the renovated Kristina Square confectionery on November 22nd, 1947, but their happiness didn’t take long as it was nationalized in July 1951 (that was the time when it got the now used Déryné name). The family was deported to Taktaszada. Their life changed immediately: Elemér as a keeper was a sentinel for corn, and before Christmas he cooked fondant for sale. Olga raised hens, harvested, and took care of the children.

They could return to Budapest in 1953. Elemér Auguszt became the leader of the confectionery of Közért Company, and his wife became a shop manager. This is how they got a license to open a new shop in 1957. After the end of the revolution only Olga Resetka could account for the inventory among all the shops in Budapest, so the system awarded her with a small shop opposite of the market of Fény Street. They didn’t have any tools, so they associated with an old ice cream maker man who owned a machine. Elemér baked at night, and worked for the ’Közért Company’ daytime – he also retired from there, and his wife managed the shop. Their guests were mostly the vendors of the market and their customers. Their most popular products were the strudels, the ice cream and the coffee with whipped cream. As they were very hardworking they could grow their business step by step. They started with a 30 square meter small shop, now the own the complete ground floor of the house. And at this time they also brought back the quality and availability of the supply they used to have before World War 2. Elemér Auguszt and Olga Resetka led this shop till their death. After his studies their son, József started to work here, and took the control day by day. Their oldest child, Annamária became a doctor, and Olga started working as a production manager at Pannonia Studios. In 1986 she became the leader of the Auguszt subsidiary in Kossuth Street. Later they also opened a confectionery with her daughters in Sasadi Street. These two shops work separately with the leading of Olga Auguszt and her daughters.

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H-1024 Budapest, Fény street 8.      
(+36 1) 316 3817
+36 30 964 4891

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