At the edge of an anniversary

After Holidays we don’t just take a rest from the hard work we had before Christmas: Auguszt-dynasty reached a very important milestone in 2020 as it became 150 years old.

We can’t help but trying to figure out what founder Elek Auguszt would think if he could see his descendants and his professional heritage survived all the hard times, and how much it gave to the history of Hungarian confectionery.

In 1870 when he opened his small shop at the bottom of Tabán, on Attila street, probably the only thing he could think of is fairly taking care of his family. His son, József E. Auguszt had bigger ambitions when he started to develop the family business and using the benefits of what he learned on his previous study tours, he founded the competition business of Gerbeaud, the leader confectionery of that era. The confectionery had an unexpected success instantly, and he and his wife became well known and honored citizens of the capital. The confectionery that we know today had its splendor in the 30’s – we try to represent that range nowadays.

The dynasty survived two world wars, but after the second one the shop was almost completely destroyed. It got the final hit by the socialist regime, but still survived by the determined Elemér Auguszt and his wife. After the downfall of the regime with the hand of József Auguszt and Ibolya Szőcs the confectionery was rebuilt to bring back those golden years. Both the interior and the cakes are representing the best era of the dynasty.

And now we are celebrating this permanence for a year: our new website and changing our corporate identity was made in the spirit of the anniversary. This year we are full of surprises for our guests, that brings back a lot of things that represent value in the history of the family and Hungarian confectionery.

At the beginning of 2020 we wish all our guests a happy new year. Hope to see you all year for a sweet time travel.

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H-1024 Budapest, Fény street 8.
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