Maria Törley’s sculptures

With this special program we celebrated the coorperation of Hungarian historical gastronomy brands, and in the same time the cultural legacy of József Törley and József E. Auguszt that revived the work of these two dinasties, and also Budapest at the end of the 19th century.

József Törley was one of the biggest patrons of his era. The art treasures that belonged to the family had been spread away in the historical times, but the spiritual legacy lives forward in the art of the descendant sculptor Mária Törley.

József E. Auguszt’s dream was to become a sculptor, but as his father died early he had to carry on the small confectionery in the Tabán disctrict. He still learned statuary during his student years, and when he came back he won prizes with tho of his artwork at the Millennium World Expo.  

He never stopped loving art: he bought a lot of pieces of art, and he also presented them in a big, elegant shop at Krisztina Boulevard. We wanted to take back this mood for an afternoon: we brought the statues of Mária Törley to our confectionery in Fény Street. While József Auguszt and Mária Törley evoked some family anecdotes, we tasted József Törley’s favorite cake, the Kossuth crescent, that was made very often in the Törley family as being huge fans of Kossuth. We paired the cake with not else but cold Törley sparkling wine, and we also tasted Ibolya Auguszt’s speciality made for this occasion: the mini eclairs filled with wine cream.


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H-1024 Budapest, Fény street 8.
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