Auguszt Confectionery is sixty years old

Auguszt Confectionery was founded in 1870, became nationalized in 1950, with deported the family to Taktaszada. They could return to Budapest two years later, but they couldn’t get back their shops and business licences. They continued their life just like the working class of the fifties. 1957 was a lucky year in the family’s life, when they could open their first shop, in a hardly 30 square meter place including the workroom, with a borrowed ice cream machine, next to the shoemaker and the market of Fény Street. This shop became the basis to rebuild the reputation and work of the confectioner dinasty.

József Auguszt was only six years old, this is how he remembers of these times:

“Our family was deported in 1951, I was only six months old, and we could only return in 1953. Obviously we didn’t get back anything. My father headed the confectionery manufactury of ’Közért Company’, that was in Rökk Szilárd Street at that time, and my mom also got a job at this company, and worked as a shop manager in a sweet shop in Dagály Street. Those were hard times, we lived in difficult financial conditions. The revolution in 1956 was our turning point, when amongst the riots all the warehouses of ’Közért’ were robbed (obviously not the revolutioners but the comrades stole the valuable stock), only my mother was able to account for the stock. This is how we got a little nepotism, and she got back her business licence, and that 30 square meter, small shop in Fény Street that is still the basis of our current confectionery. At that time it was a storage for a ’Közért’, next to a shoemaker.

This is how my parents started to work in this place, joined forces with an old confectioner called Uncle Tóth, because he had an ice cream machine. My mother managed the shop, my father baked at night, and worked for the ’Közért Company’ daytime – he also retired from there. At that time I was six, and had a tonsillectomy during the opening days, in May 1957. In the hospital I got hot soup which felt painful to my operated throat, but my mom brought me some of the freshly made ice cream, that cooled the wound – even if the nurses were shocked a little.

The supply was different than it used to be before the nationalization or than nowadays: simple cakes were made, and quantity was in the focus, because at that time nothing else was available, so my father, and later the person he hired was unable to keep the pace. We had custard cake, strudel, mignons, linzers, ischlers and indianer. What made us immediately very popular amongst the market vendors and customers was our coffee with whipped cream: at that time there was no whipped cream in the county but my father could make it. It was real luxury.

We couldn’t count on our old clientele, but my mother positioned the place really well: the busy market gave us a turnover immediately. We had four kinds of ice cream: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and rice. Later, when I started to work here, I started to make the ice cream at 6 in the morning, served from 11, and I couldn’t sit down till 6 pm. The line ended at Lövőház Street all the time.

My father spent all his free time here, and beyond his cake he had a personal charisma people really loved. He was an incredibly nice man, with a great sense of humor: he made jokes, flirted with women, but in the same time he kept the business in his hand. My mother was an excellent organizer, with a good sense of business – they complete each other perfectly. Auguszt wives always had a great part in business: nowadays my wife, Ibolya fulfills the role of my father. He also had a good part in winning this lady: he helped me to attract her when she started to visit our shop.

It took decades to create this confectionery from that cake shop. Now we also have a manufactory, the café and the garden. We bought all the places step by step.

My parents were glad to see how our guests loved us and how careful we tried to carry on their legacy both professionally and with loving our guests. We hope to see soon which of our children will carry on these all.”

Celebrating is not just for one day: from May 10th to June 10th we welcome our guests with festal surprises: people from our neighbourhood, workers from the shops nearby, passers and obviously our guests randomly get a pig in a poke, and in the confectionery a „retro” menu is available: coffee with whipped cream, that can be paired with an indianer, a chocolate ot lemon mignon, a linzer or an ischler.

On the attached archive photo you can see the Auguszt Family and some friends and relatives: in the back Elemér Auguszt, in the front his wife, Olga, and the three kids, Annamaria and Olga are in checked dresses, with the six year old József between them.

On the event photos beyond the guests you can find József Auguszt and his wife Ibolya, and the kids: Oliver, Apollonia, Abigel, the workers of the confectionery and Judit Nagy, the hostess of the event.

Event photos: Milan Toth

Bezselics-Békési Ildikó

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