Elek Auguszt and Erzsébet Strebek


”I, John Menzel master confectioner from Balassagyarmat certify, that the 17 years old Elek Auguszt (born in Hont region, Inam, catholic) joined me as a footman for 5 years, on October 17th, 1847. As he was a very hardworking student, in this letter I dare to declare that he was the best and the most successful in every aspect of this profession.”

Balassagyarmat, October 14th, 1852.

The founder of August dynasty didn’t leave behind a picture, but this document. Later, in the 1860’s he went to Buda, and worked in Friedl Confectionery in Fő Street. That’s where he met his future wife, Erzsébet Strebek, who was the sister-in-law of the owner. He opened his first shop in 1869 in Dózsa György Square, in Tabán district. He married Erzsébet Strebek on November 3rd, 1870, in the main church of Krisztinaváros. They welcomed four children: Anna (1871), Mária (1873), József (1875) and Elek (1877). At the end of the 1870’s the shop moved to Attila Street 24.

Elek Auguszt had a fatal stroke in 1880, and after his death his wife carried on the business. Both of his sons became confectioners, but the modest shop in Tabán started to improve when the older son, József. E. Auguszt became the leader of the place. The younger boy, Elek was deaf-mute. The brothers had a really strong and loving bond, and later Elek was the one who inspected the professional work in the workshop of the family business. Erzsébet Strebek led the shop till her death in 1911 in Attila Street, that later when the confectionery at Krisztina Square was opened, became a subsidiary.

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