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October 19, 2021.
  • 150 years in the service of Hungarian pastry art
    Exhibition opening in Fény street Auguszt confectionery celebrates its 150th anniversary in a worthy way. We remember our ascendants, the first three generations of the dynasty with an exhibition that shows the history of the family. To compile the collection of the exhibition, we got an essential help from the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism, and the head of the institution opened the exhibition himself. Part of the program was a special storytelling from József Auguszt about the history of the family, and Ibolya […]
  • At the edge of an anniversary
    After Holidays we don’t just take a rest from the hard work we had before Christmas: Auguszt-dynasty reached a very important milestone in 2020 as it became 150 years old. We can’t help but trying to figure out what founder Elek Auguszt would think if he could see his descendants and his professional heritage survived all the hard times, and how much it gave to the history of Hungarian confectionery. In 1870 when he opened his small shop at the bottom of Tabán, on Attila street, probably the only thing he could think of is […]
  • Maria Törley’s sculptures
    With this special program we celebrated the coorperation of Hungarian historical gastronomy brands, and in the same time the cultural legacy of József Törley and József E. Auguszt that revived the work of these two dinasties, and also Budapest at the end of the 19th century. József Törley was one of the biggest patrons of his era. The art treasures that belonged to the family had been spread away in the historical times, but the spiritual legacy lives forward in the art of the descendant sculptor Mária Törley. József E. […]
  • Auguszt press event for Christmas 2017
    The journey of ”gateau de voyage” from Paris to Budapest At August Confectionery in Fény Street Christmas time is all about traditions and the classic cake culture of the Monarchy era. József Auguszt’s name and his personality is the guarantee that when it comes to ingredients, taste and appearance, the cakes available in the confectionery are worthy of the fame of the nearly 150 year old pastry dinasty. Beyond this – just like every year – a lot of seasonal novelties are made for the holidays. Ibolya Auguszt recently made […]
  • Auguszt Confectionery is sixty years old
    Auguszt Confectionery was founded in 1870, became nationalized in 1950, with deported the family to Taktaszada. They could return to Budapest two years later, but they couldn’t get back their shops and business licences. They continued their life just like the working class of the fifties. 1957 was a lucky year in the family’s life, when they could open their first shop, in a hardly 30 square meter place including the workroom, with a borrowed ice cream machine, next to the shoemaker and the market of Fény Street. This shop […]


November 2019.

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H-1024 Budapest, Fény street 8.
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